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Introducing: The Assembly Ventures Operator Advisors

At Assembly Ventures our mission is to partner with, and strategically support, those at the forefront of building the next generation of mobility. We believe that the global mobility sector is on the verge of a generational transformation. We understand that existing transport systems no longer fully reflect the needs of passengers and are not sustainable over time. We are convinced of the enormous opportunity that exists to invest in the entrepreneurs and technologies that will move the world.

Perhaps most importantly, we know that success in the mobility sector requires collaboration and constant dialogue between a diverse set of actors. Only by exposing our team and our portfolio companies to a plethora of relevant and expert perspectives can we maximize our impact and potential.

It’s for these reasons that we could not be more proud to announce the first wave of Assembly Ventures Operator Advisors who will act as advisors to our team and our portfolio companies. This group has shaped how the world moves and will continue doing so going forward. Aleks, Brett, Dhani, Joe, Philipp, Susan, Tony, and Wolfgang, welcome to the Assembly Ventures platform! Let’s get to work and move the world.

Aleksandra Miziolek is an experienced executive and board member, most recently at Cooper Standard, a global automotive supplier. Prior to that, she led the automotive practice at Dykema, advising clients on M&A activities and global expansion including some of the largest deals in the history of the sector including the spin-out of Visteon. Aleks serves on various boards, including Tenneco and the Michigan’s Citizens Research Council. She holds a JD from Wayne State University.

Brett Harwood is a technology and parking related real estate investor with a special interest in enablement of legacy systems. He is the Founder of Park Equity and the Co-Founder and Chairman of Noson. Brett holds a JD from Temple University and a degree in government from Franklin & Marshall College, where he previously served as a Trustee and Benefactor.

Dhani Jones is a strategic advisor to various mobility and data analytics companies including Jet It, one of the fastest growing fractional jet aviation companies in North America. He also serves as the Chairman of Qey Capital Partners, a growth stage investor. Previously he worked as a host on a number of television shows across various networks including ESPN, Spike TV, and the Travel Channel. Dhani is an 11 year NFL veteran, passionate about physical mobility, and a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Joe Hinrichs is an experienced automotive executive, first with General Motors and most recently as President of Ford Motor Company’s global automotive business. During his career at Ford he served as President of North American & South America, President of Asia Pacific and Africa, Chairman & CEO of Ford China, and head of Global Manufacturing. Joe previously served on the board of Rivian Automotive and presently serves on boards of Exide Technologies and WaveSense. He is a graduate of the University of Dayton and Harvard Business School.

Philipp von Hagen is an experienced investment and automotive executive, first with Rothschild and most recently as an Executive Board Member at Porsche SE, the majority voting shareholder in Volkswagen Group. While there, he developed a keen eye for the topics defining future mobility. Philipp served on the board of Inrix and PTV Group, two leading mobility data analytics companies. He is a graduate of The London School of Economics and holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Oxford.

Susan Heystee is an experienced mobility executive who has spent her career developing go-to-market strategies, driving growth and building global sales organizations. She is a former executive at Telogis, where she held the position of Executive VP for Global Sales. After its acquisition by Verizon Susan served as the Senior VP for the Global OEM business at Verizon Connect. She now serves on various boards including Ouster and revVana. Susan holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Executive MBA.

Tony Posawatz is an automotive innovation leader with experience at General Motors, where he served as the Vehicle Line Director for the Chevrolet Volt, and as the CEO of Fisker Automotive. He has vast expertise in Electrification, Product Development & Innovation, Strategy & Business Development and Manufacturing. Tony serves on the boards of many mobility companies including Metalsa, INRIX, Renovo, and Lucid Motors. Tony is a graduate of Wayne State University and holds an MBA from Dartmouth.

Wolfgang Bernhart is a Senior Partner at Roland Berger, where he leads the Automotive Advanced Technology Center and its efforts to shape the long-term strategy of the automotive industry as it seeks to become a part of a new mobility world that requires sustainable change. In this position he has become a trusted partner and advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs across the global mobility ecosystem. Wolfgang holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from KIT.

Posted: February 17, 2021

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