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Assembly Ventures' ISA framework is an unconventional view of how the future of mobility will unfold. Yet it is informed by decades of experience working in and investing in mobility. To truly understand the opportunities for change, we looked beyond industry buzzwords.


The infrastructure layer includes both physical and digital infrastructure. Given the importance of the physical world for mobility, future mobility systems have to start here. For too long, we have been stuck in the established ways of building more and more of the same. Going forward, we see infrastructure innovation as the bedrock for future mobility systems.


The systems layer is where software and hardware meet. Systems coordinate, aggregate, and orchestrate. Even with "smart" infrastructure, software systems will be required to process information from infrastructure components, combine it with outside data, and derive the necessary heuristics and decisions.

The application layer represents the user interface and enables monetization. It is not only about software, but also about interaction and UX/UI. In a sense the application layer re-establishes the link with the physical world by providing users access to a service.


Assembly Intelligence

Assembly Intelligence was created by the founding partners of Assembly Ventures to engage with global mobility industry leaders. Its work complements that of Assembly Ventures, the first transatlantic mobility fund in the world.

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