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Introducing Assembly Ventures

Systems as complex as our global transportation and logistical networks are subject to outside influences so numerous and diverse it is impossible to make exact predictions about their future. Yet we believe three things are indisputable:

  1. The mobility sector needs to evolve to move the world in more efficient, equitable, and valuable ways

  2. The opportunity to influence the technology enablement of the way the world moves is one of the biggest and more important opportunities of our lifetime

  3. Those with both the vision and the will to guide this evolution will drive this process


It is with our conviction in these beliefs that we are proud to introduce Assembly Ventures — the first transatlantic mobility-focused venture capital fund in the world. At Assembly Ventures, we invest in, and strategically support, the entrepreneurs and mobility companies that will move the western world.


Prior to launching Assembly Ventures we were mobility entrepreneurs, investors, or both, and our strengths lie squarely in identifying and fostering the technologies and business models that will power the transport and logistical systems of the future.

We are transatlantic because we are rooted both in the heart of the American mobility scene — Detroit — and the center of European mobility — Germany. We believe connecting the roots of modern mobility with sprawling startup ecosystems in San Francisco, Boston, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv and beyond uniquely benefits both sides and that we can uniquely bridge these ecosystems.

We are mobility-focused because we are convinced the transformation of mobility is a generational opportunity.

Finally, we are mobility investors because we believe the technologies that will move the world tomorrow are being invented today, and we want to be an active part of helping disruptors in this sector grow and make a real impact.

We are excited to move the world across air, land, sea and space. That is exactly what we are going to do.


Chris Thomas, Felix Scheuffelen, Jessica Robinson

Posted: June 29, 2020

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